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James Honeycutt

James Honeycutt, a filmmaker from Texas, finished film school in France before moving to Tokyo to continue work in video production.

If your entire life was a movie, what title would best fit?
The Title That Nobody Can Understand Except For Us, But Especially Us
What gets you excited and driven to achieve?
Cinema, I love movies. I love all aspects of movies. I love watching them, making them, going to the cinema with friends or a date or watching something at home on my laptop. I love talking about them, rating and reviewing them, learning about filmmaking techniques, implementing them. Meeting new people- actors, cast, crew. Getting everybody together for a premier of something we’ve all worked hard on together. The only goal I really want to achieve is to contribute to the world of cinema as much as its given me to the extent that I can by supporting films at cinemas local and large and making my own films, even if in the end they only amuse myself.
What is the last thing you’ve done that’s really worth remembering?
I hate to beat the same drum for two questions, but recently I screened a short film I shot last summer and it looked beautiful on a big screen. Everybody involved was happy with the results and the after party drinks couldn’t have tasted any sweeter.
What does it mean to be original or unique?
To me it means taking what you know, what you’ve learnt and experienced and putting your own personal twist to it. There’s nothing I find to be 100 percent purely unique, artists are all always drawing from a mix of inspirations, but it’s about finding an interesting mix and balance between what people have come to expect from a certain medium and rework an push it in an alternative direction that’s not too disorientating.
What were you doing when you lost track of time?
My favorite place to waste time is on letterboxd, a social network for cinephiles to log, rate and list films. I spend hours discovering new films, creating lists and exploring the filmographies of my favorite directors, cinematographers and actors.