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David Woo

David Woo is a cinematographer and filmmaker with an extensive background in documentary-style visual storytelling. He began as a photojournalist, and then later expanded into the cinema world as a cinematographer for documentaries, commercials, and narrative projects.

Over the years, David has primarily worked on projects that focused on helping grassroots organizations, local shops, & established brands bridge profit and purpose. Believing that stories can evoke in viewers a sense of compassion and responsibility, David uses his expertise to craft intimate, story-driven films to help directors, brands, and organizations inspire a kinder, gentler world.

If your entire life was a movie, what title would best fit?
Before Sunset
What gets you excited and driven to achieve?
Being able to evoke a lasting emotion from my viewers with my work. I truly believe that the world would be a much more peaceful and loving place if people only took the time to listen and empathize with one another. We're all in this life together. I become very excited when I hear stories about people who've seen a particular art piece or film and their life was changed because of it. I was in the same position when I started my journey and I hope that my work can one day inspire someone in that way.
What is the last thing you’ve done that’s really worth remembering?
I think one of my favorite memories I can think of now was probably hiking with my partner in the far mountain side of Kyoto, Japan. No distractions, phones, cameras...anything really. Just the smell of nature, good company, beautiful weather, and a pure sense of exploration.
What does it mean to be original or unique? ?
I guess just being true to your own vision and having the integrity to see through whatever you're doing with passion, even if the result isn't what you were expecting.
What were you doing when you lost track of time?
Most likely people watching. One of the more memorable times that got me in trouble was when I was waiting for my plane in Paris. I had about 5 or 6 hours before my flight so I took a trip to my favorite cafe and just sat there with a bottle of wine and plate of olives watching people go by. Anyway, I think you can guess what happened. Oh! I can also spend half a day watching cat videos on Youtube.