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Fabian Wohlfarth

My name is Fabian Wohlfarth I’m from Austria and I’m an artist making music as well as photography, graphic design and countless other things.

I started taking images around the time I got a teenager and soon found out that editing makes the whole process a lot more fun, which got me in touch with photoshop and basic editing software. With music it took me a lot longer to develop a passion.

I remember the first time I got in touch with making a whole track on your own on the computer, was when I first saw Flume live on a festival. It was a weird experience because the music was something I have never heard before and I was instantly fascinated by it. So I started watching videos of him talking about his approach to music production and how you go along making a track which gave me the motivation to try it myself. This happened around 2016, so I’ve been making music for about 4 years now.

Apart from photography and music I study product design at university which allows me to get away from the computer a bit by doing something with my hands because the course is strongly focused on practical work.

What type of media influences your work?
I guess it’s the type of media I’m always surrounded by. When I’m at home most of my inspiration comes from magazines I read or experimental videos I watch. Currently I am fascinated by everything within the 3D world. Which is also becoming a passion of mine. But I’m most susceptible to influences when I visit a new city with lots of culture and museums and discover the many other ways of living a life.
Teach me something
I feel like by listening through all of my music or basically any track of any artist out there, it doesn’t quite come across how many parts of the song actually happened by coincidence while trying out something, not knowing what the result will look like. Someone may think every part of their most favorite song happened on purpose because the producer is a genius. But he’s not, he just spent an incredible amount of time staring at a screen and having one bad idea after the next until it suddenly works out.
You are a new addition to the crayon box. What colour would you be and why?
I would be the one that isn’t actually a colour itself but capable of blending all other crayons with each other. Trying not to add anything unnecessary to the image but reimagining the existing elements by adding another dimension to the colour range. It’s like collabing on a track with another artist and telling parts of his story with your own vocabulary other than covering it up with your own paint.
Whats the most interesting thing about you that we wouldn’t learn from your work alone?
One thing about me which also affects my music a lot is my mood. It’s hard for me to simply start making something without the constant fear of failing. Which absolutely makes no sense because you have to fail all the time in order to achieve anything good. But thats how my brain works right now, so I gotta force myself for the first few minutes to start making something in order to get rid of my thoughts and start having fun.
If you were in a pirate ship, what role would you play?
This would definitely never happen because there is nothing I hate more than ships. Actually it’s not that I don´t like the ship itself, it’s the ocean that terrifies me. Being on top of a bottomless dark thing, not knowing what happens under your feet is a scenario I’m not very comfortable with. I prefer swimming in the shallower areas alongside the kids.
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